Business Contents

Environment, Reduction CO2

KSSK propose to M&E design that is actively consideration about the environment especially reduction CO2.

Research and Development

KSSK has research of new technology and approach of M&E system day-to-day improvement.
KSSK focus on five(5) items to research and development.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (M&E)

KSSK was established in 1958 as a pioneer of building service engineering, especially A/C service, for modern buildings. Now, it is one of the largest building service-engineering consultants in Japan.
KSSK has produced many brilliant result working in the area not only designing but also managing building construction, which is at the heart of the structure.

Construction Cost and Quality Management Service

KSSK provides fair and reasonable cost management, undertake design and construction projects for buildings, as well as managing tasks for building designed by other consultants.

After Completion

All buildings become inevitable aged deterioration especially M/E equipments and pipes even if maintenance company carry out planned maintenance.
KSSK propose preparation or investigation of the life-cycle cost (LCC) and the life-cycle CO2 (LCCO2).