Construction Cost and Quality Management Service (CQM)

Building design stage
Architectural design Exterior appearance and Interior design
Structural design Foundation, Column and Beam design
M/E design Air-conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical design
Construction stage
Execution scheme Supervision of construction work
Cost control Cost performance optimization
Inspection Check for quality of materials Test & Commissioning

KSSK shall be knowledgeable about the Construction Cost and Quality Management Service. The Client carry off good customer satisfaction measurement and upgrade of property value.


KSSK provides fair and reasonable cost management and undertake design and construction projects for buildings, as well as managing tasks for building designed by other consultants.

Diagram of CQM(1)

In case of separated design and construction/p>

Diagram of CQM(1)
Diagram of CQM(2)

In case of design and build system

Diagram of CQM(2)